Agilty Training Venue & Pricing

little dog on the slalom

Agility Classes are held at
Black Notley Vet Practice,
45 Witham Road, Braintee, CM77 8LQ
on Fridays & Saturdays.
In an outdoor arena - fully fenced.
£10.00 an hour

To book contact us.

Agility O - A Brand new sport for dogs & their owners

Agility is great fun for you and your dog - you will also get fit

with your dog enjoying this canine sport. It is great for your

dog's confidence too.

Agility O combines agility with rally obedience to provide
the best worlds for dog owners who want the fun of agility
obstacles but with out the need for speed. At the same time
owners develop the control provided by rally obedience.

Jane has developed this brand new sport for dogs and their
owners and is teaching Agility O classes at Black Notley and
Witham. Contact Jane directly for more details.

waiting his turn

What is covered within the basic Agility Classes

Puppy Introductory course can be booked - 6 weeks of basic introduction to each of the obstacles available for groups of puppies.

How to enjoy agility making it fun and safe for you and your dog.

Basic Cues.

For more experienced dogs and owners classes are about speeding up, being accurate and keeping your dog enjoying agility.

little hurdle jumping through a ring up and over


running out of a tunnel

We both look forward to our Saturday
mornings at agility! Buster was a
rescue dog with aggression issues and
by attending Jane’s class it has allowed
him to socialize and interact with other
dogs. He enjoys the challenge and we
have developed
a greater bond. Agility is lots of fun
for both dog and owner and
I recommend anyone to give it a go!

Jenny from Essex - Buster.

To Book a Class
contact Jane Williams

· By Telephone

01621 891510 or 07973 985009

· By email