Behaviour Clinic at Black Notley Vets

For behaviour problems which can be dealt with in the clinic the cost is from £380. The consultation will include taking a history of the problem behaviours and helping you to change the way you manage and train your dog. The action plan provided will try to address the problem by altering your dog’s view of life and giving you more control over your dog’s behaviour.

The approach used will always focus on positive training methods to reward good behaviours. At the same time you will be shown how to ignore the unwanted behaviours, in ways that your dog can understand. Sometimes we can make our dog’s behaviour worse (without meaning to) by our reactions to what he or she is doing.

The aims of the session will be to agree a plan of action that you think you can realistically carry out. You will be encouraged to train your dog and to provide stimulating activities to enrich your dog’s life. Many unwanted behaviours arise from boredom and frustration as with life’s many demands. We often do not spend enough quality time with our dogs.

As a qualified behaviourist Jane will try to identify the reasons for your dog’s behaviours. Without understanding what is driving the dog, we can never hope to get a lasting solution or improvement. Some methods suggested by unqualified behaviourists may address the symptoms without getting to the heart of the problem. This approach may have some short term success, but will not address the problem for the future and  can make the problem far worse.

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Behaviour Clinics

Behaviour Clinics last
approximately 1 hour and
cost from £60.00.

To Book a Clinic Visit contact Jane Williams.

· By Telephone

01621 891510 or
07973 985009

· By email
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