Pet Behaviour Problems

Are you having a problem training your dog?

Is your dog jumping up, barking all the time, pulling you along the street, toileting indoors or showing aggression towards other dogs / people? I can help you as a qualified animal behaviourist.

Much of my work is with dogs, but I can also help with cats and other small animals.

Contact me today to start ‘learning to enjoy your pet’ again

Jane with some well behaved dogs

Home Visits

Home visits last approximately 2 hours with follow up report, training session and support.

Cost is from £380.00 plus travel.

To Book a Home Visit contact Jane Williams

· By Telephone

01621 891510 or
07973 985009

· By email

Behaviour Counselling

Consultations are given by Jane Williams.

It is becoming widely recognised that treating behaviour problems is a specialised field. As a qualified behaviourist I can help you to understand your pet’s behaviour and work with you to solve any problems. I have many years experience in advising pet owners on the best way to care for their animals. I have completed the prestigious Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling at Southampton University - a leading qualification in this field. I have also completed a research M.Sc. in welfare at the same university. My first degree is in Zoology and I have a masters degree in education. I am a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (ASAB). I am listed on the ABTC web site. I am a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). I live with 12 dogs of my own, 11 of which have come from a variety of rescue situations.

In-House Consultations at Home

Behaviour counselling involves listening carefully to you, the owner, in order to understand the problem. It also involves observing the animal's behaviour and taking a full history. The information you give is analysed and used to come up with a programme to  alter your pet’s behaviour. The programme is not a quick solution, and it will often take time for you to see an improvement. If the problem has been building up over a long time, it will not be fixed instantly. The programme involves all aspects of the animal's life with you - it is a holistic approach involving management, reward-based training and supportive therapies to help improve unwanted behaviours.

The  visit will last around 2-3 hours and is followed up with telephone and email support. You will receive a Behaviour Modification Programme - which is your action plan to follow with your pet.

Pet Insurance and Behaviour

Many pet insurance companies will accept claims based on behaviour issues, but require the behaviourist to be a CCAB or member of the APBC, as this confirms a high level of training and understanding of animal behaviour.  Jane is a Certified Clinical Animal behaviourist (CCAB) and a full member of the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors). She is also a member of the BVBA (British Veterinary Behaviour Association) and ABTC (Animal Behaviour and Training Council) listed as a Clinical Animal Behahiourist.

jane walking a dalmation jane with a siamese cat