Behaviour Counselling Testimonials

TESTIMONIAL: Jackie & Bert Joy – Braintree, Essex
We were first time dog owners and decided to adopt a Staffy. Although I had read lots on the subject nothing can prepare you for the actual event and I can honestly say Jane was invaluable in  ensuring the adoption was successful and I really don’t know what we would have done without her.

When Monty, our Staffy, arrived he was like a mad thing, jumping up and snapping at the children, racing through the house jumping on window sills, tables and over the 4ft dog gates. His meal times were a  frightening experience with lots of barking and walks were almost impossible due to excessive lead pulling, his inability to cope outside in open spaces and excessive barking when meeting other dogs. I really  thought we would have to return him to the rescue centre.

Thank goodness we contacted Jane. She listened to our concerns and quickly observed Monty’s behavior in different situations. She gave us sound and clear advice on how to deal with his behavioral problems and what to expect, she even gave advice about diet and health care issues.

Once we put Jane’s recommendations into practice we saw immediate improvements and within a few months it was like we had a different dog. However, she was always on hand to check how things were going and offer further advice if necessary.

From our experience a lot of problems stem from owners not understanding their dog or getting frustrated because they want immediate results. Jane educated us in ‘dog speak’ and used kind techniques to help us communicate with our dog which greatly improved the whole family’s confidence.

I would not hesitate to recommend anyone having a problem with their dog, whatever it may be, to contact Jane.

Thank you so much for your help Jane you were a life saver, we can now enjoy our lovely Staffy and give him the home he deserves.

Jackie & Bert Joy – Braintree, Essex

Rowan and Rachel from London consulted Jane about their terrier, Frank, as they are expecting their first child later this year.

After the visit they emailed to say 'we went away for the weekend and Rachel's mother looked after Frank. She asked what we/you had done to him. She said he was so well behaved and calm it was incredible. So I think that means things are going really well...' Thank you so much again. 

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