In-House Private
Training Sessions

In-House Private

In your own home if you need
one-to-one tution.
You may want to focus on one
area of the recall or teaching
a specific command
eg “leave it.”
Costs are from £60.00 per hour.

To Book Contact
Jane Williams
07973 985009 or 01621 891510

What is covered within the sessions

Specialist, individualised help training your dog.

This can be done in your home or at Back Notley Vets.
Choose the training you need.

Particular areas are the focus e.g. recall or heelwork.

Specialist training Specialist training
dog chewing on a sheep toy

To Book a Class
contact Jane Williams

· By Telephone

01621 891510 or
07973 985009

· By email


Dear Jane
I just wanted to email to say a big
THANK YOU for the time you spent
here with my motley crew
and to say how grateful I am for
your guidance.
I started the individual training
soon after you went and they are all
sitting on command already, except
for Bertie who, as we suspected, is
of a more nervous disposition and
although he does eventually sit,
does it under the table. I give him
his treat no matter how long it takes
and I feel he will need a little extra
time but I know I will get there.
All in all, I have four calm
“puppies” (as we still call them)
tonight and not one scrap between
the two boys so far. I never
believed your visit would be quite
so remarkable and beneficial and I
can’t thank you enough for already
taking some of the anxiety away.
I don’t quite know how you do it,
but you do. I hope you liked them,
they are happy little creatures
but as ever, the owners needed
a bit of guidance.
Thanks so very much Jane.

Bruce, Bertie, Gordon, Poppy
& Daisy