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15 Apr 2018 - Dog Psychology and Communication Course 10am-4pm at Messing Village Hall

Join me for a great day learning how to read your dog better and how to communicate with her/him more effectively.

The course covers how dogs see the world and what drives their behaviour.

Jane Williams B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc. ABTC listed, APBC Member, APDT Member, BVBA Member, CCAB.


Plenty of activities along with presentations and opportunities for questions.

All course materials provided and a CPD certificate if required.


Please bring a bed for your dog to relax on, a selection of treats and a favourite toy.

Bring all normal walking equipment, a soft harness and lead about 1.5m length. 

The course is indoors but there is an outdoor tracking session for which boots and coats are needed.

Only 6 places available - if your dog has issues around people or other dogs you must inform me before booking this course.

Cost £65, drinks and lunch provided.

Book directly with Jane on 07973 985009