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10 Nov 2020 - Puppy Zoom classes

Next puppy zoom classes start Monday 9th November 6pm.

Twice a week for three weeks for the puppies and you to get started on trainign straight away.

Completely CoVid safe in your own home! The entire family can be involved.

To help new puppy owners as this is such an imprtant time which you do not get again, Cherryl and Jane are putting on a three week course for puppies so that owners can get the basic training skills, talk about socialisation and life skills, and ask the many questions new puppy owners have.

The on-line classes will be Mondays 6 and on Wednesdays 6pm through Zoom. You will need a PC, laptop, iPad, or Smart phone (with a camera) to access both sound and vision.

The cost for the six 35 minute sessions is £40.

Contact by email if you would like to book or text 07973 985009.

We are restricting each class to four puppies and owners. Payments will be by BACS only.