Pet Gundog Venue & Pricing

Gundog running

Pet Gundog Classes are held at
Black Notley Vet Practice,
45 Witham Road, Braintee, CM77 8LQ

In an outdoor arena - fully fenced.
£18.00 for a 2 hour workshop - details in News and Events

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To Book a Class
contact Jane Williams

· By Telephone

01621 891510 or 07973 985009

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Pet Gundog Training Classes

Do you have a spaniel, retriever, pointer or any other dog who would benefit from training?

The sessions are in small groups and concentrate on commands which are useful for everyday situations, such as out walking or playing with your dog.

Areas covered include, heelwork, distance cues, the stay, the recall (coming back to you), sending away and the retrieve.

Jane is a qualified, experienced trainer who uses reward based training methods to encourage behaviours which are wanted.

Come and try something different with your dog – who knows you may go on to use the training competitively in working trials.

leaping gundog

A Rough Guide of Gun Dog Training Procedures

Dogs and handlers will be taught the basic exercises for gun dog training. These include heel work, a whistle recall, a marked retrieve and a stay as required in the field. Exercises can be taught from scratch. The  quality of the training at this stage is important for future more challenging exercises.Pet Gundog Workshops

The dogs learn to hold their position beside their handler whilst a toy is thrown for the dogs to retrive on cue.

Distance work is part of recall and stay exercises.

Retrieves are carried out over longer distances with left and right cues.

Currently offered through workshops (see news and events).


Clare & Poppy

Iím a regular at Janeís Gun Dog class
with my chocolate labrador Poppy. The
disciplines covered provide invaluable
skills for any young dog in day-to-day
life - especially distance recall, retrieve
and heel work. The class is a great
supplement to the basics covered in
puppy obedience class and itís been
wonderful to see how well Poppy
responds off the lead on walkies.

Clare & Poppy