Puppy Parties and Socialisation

helping your puppy socialise

Before your puppy is fully
vaccinated you need to take him or
her out and about safely to meet
new people and dogs.
Puppy Parties for clients at Black Notley
Vet practice are available with Jane Williams.

Contact your own vet for details of their parties.

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little and large

What is covered?

  • Small groups of puppies arranged through the veterinary practice.
  • Intorduction to management and training techniques
  • The basic of puppy & dog ownership including advice on - worming regularly, controlling fleas, neutering at an appropriate age, grooming and handling, collars, leads, harnesses, suitable training equipment and activity toys.
happy puppy patient puppy

Useful Information

for new puppy owners

For new owners and those
who have not had a Puppy
for a while:

Many of the puppies who
come to Puppy parties go
onto puppy classes. The work
started continues as the puppy
grows up into a well trained
responsive dog.


little miss coco

‘Jane organized a super party for
my puppy “Coco”. She loved meeting
new friends. She also enjoys her puppy
training classes with Jane along with
all her friends in Messing Village Hall’
Susan from Feering.

Little "Miss Coco"

To Book a Puppy Party

By Telephone

01621 891510 or
07973 985009