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Puppy Classes

Classes for puppies are held at Spring Lodge Community Centre, Witham on Monday evenings and
Messing Village Hall, near Tiptree, on Wednesday evenings.
Puppies start as soon as they have completed their vaccinations.

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Puppy Training Classes

Got a new puppy?

Puppies start as soon as they have completed their vaccinations (from 12 weeks - follow veterinary advice on when to start after vaccinations).
• Are kind - no choke chains, no shouting. Training is all reward-based.
• Are fun - a mix of instruction, games and competitions ensures that your dog and you are never bored.
• Are supportive - with her wealth of teaching experience Jane can help you train your dog in the most positive way.
• Are effective - dogs learn all Puppy Classes
the basic cues:
• sit • come here • stay • down
• leave it • walk on the lead.
The Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme Bronze award is available for owners who would like to take part.

Classes: Mondays Spring Lodge Witham, Wednesdays Messing Village Hall.

What is covered within the classes

The classes are small, to give the opportunity for group and individual tuition. The puppies also have the chance to socialise with other dogs and their owners. Children are welcome to attend with parents, to ensure that the whole family takes part in the dog’s training programme. Some of our best trainers are under 12 years old.

The classes cover the basics of puppy ownership, including house training, walking on the lead, coming when called and communicating effectively with your puppy. An information pack is provided for each new owner.

Basic cues, including, sit, down, stay and leave an object, are part of the six week programme, recommended as a minimum commitment. Further training is advised to ensure that the puppy remains under control through adolescence and into adulthood. This is particularly important between 6 and 12 months of age.

Kind training is based on rewarding desirable behaviours and retraining undesirable ones. This is done with food treats, toys and owner praise, smiles and interactions with the puppies. The classes always include games to reinforce the training and make the sessions interesting and enjoyable.

Clicker training is also available as it is an extremely effective training method. A Clicker can be used to develop confidence in shy puppies and to train many behaviours, including fun cues such as ‘give me a paw’ and ‘roll over’.


Nelly had a fab time at puppy agility today and Rocky enjoyed the grown up class after, thanks Jane (September 2013)


Millie the field spaniel

‘Jane is a fantastic trainer –
my puppy “Millie” really made
good progress. The classes were
great fun.’ Sue Allen from Feering.

Millie the field spaniel

To Book a Class
contact Jane Williams

· By Telephone

01621 891510 or 07973 985009

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